Thursday, May 28, 2009

Badly Designed School

Here's an interesting article from CABE:'Badly designed schools won't be built' . "Schools minister Jim Knight has announced a new minimum design standard for Building Schools for the Future (BSF). Designs falling short of the standard will not get built, and taxpayers will be guaranteed value for money from the government’s investment in BSF."

Tim gathers no moss


Snug and Outdoor went to play about at Tate Modern over the Bank Holiday, experiencing
Bodyspace-motionthings by Robert Morris - "a huge interactive sculpture with massive plywood seesaws and giant rolling cylinders which first graced Tate Britain in 1971. But it was sadly closed after four days due to “exceptionally exuberant” visitors who trampled the place down. Now Morris has recreated the work especially for the Long Weekend." Here are pictures from Hattie's iPhone.