Monday, November 30, 2009

Hattie & Tim visit the USA

We have just returned from a very interesting visit to the USA, where we visited the wonderful Chicago Children's Museum which has bought a Snug Kit which they are organising a whole new exhibit around, called Move, which opens in January.

We also visited Chattanooga, Tennessee and Washington DC, where we attended the national early years conference and trade show...

Hattie looking Presidential!

The amazing Anish Kapoor "Bean" in Millenium Park

Chicago skyline at night

Hackey Playday!

A large amount of people flocked to Gillett Square in Hackney, East London last month to participate in a hugely successful Playday run by Snug & Outdoor, who transformed this civic space into an exciting, temporary play landscape.

In addition to two full Snug kits we brought in The Albion Kids Show who introduced a climbing tree, sandpits and a log slide, as well as other materials such as ropes, fabric, a swing suspended from the trees, a painting area, hula hoops and circus skills equipment.

Two outreach projects in neighbouring estates allowed us to introduce experimental play workshops aimed at inspiring imaginative responses in local children as well as raising local awareness of the Gillett Square event.

It was a truly inspirational sight seeing so many people of all ages enjoying themselves through play in the square. Snug allowed the space to be in a permanent state of flux - one minute a group would organise themselves to build a 'rocketship', the next, another group would be making a huge tent with fabric supported by the Snug Cones! It was remarkable how children of different ages and backgrounds were able to make friends and play together without conflict.

The universally positive feedback from all parties involved in the project serves to demonstrate the value and need for more of this kind of provision.

The project was organised in association with Hackney Cultural Services and Hackney Cooperative Developments