Monday, July 5, 2010

play beyond the playground

A wonderful gathering of artists and playful thinkers took place at Snug & Outdoor HQ last week.

Tim Gill - ( Writer, researcher, adviser on children's play and childhood, Stuart Lester - Senior Lecturer in play at Gloucester University, Chris Meade - Director of If:book ( and long time co-conspirator, Chris O'shea - ( digital artist making playful public installations, Reem Charif architect/designer with Febrik, ( creating playful spaces with children in Lebanese refugee camps, Bruno Taylor ( and Vincenzo Vi Maria ( designers who subvert public space with play, and Hattie and Tim from Snug & Outdoor….

All day we discussed flexible space, disruptive space, play as the creation of uncertainty and of balance. We looked at playful wonders in refugee camps, school playgrounds, a Japanese plaza, Gillett Square, London bus stops… We ate delicious food, drank coffee and wine and agreed that this is fun and inspiring…

Who knows what next….?? 


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