Friday, June 3, 2011

S&O visit the USA

Hattie and Tim visited Playcore to see how their Snug manufacturing and marketing is coming along. It was very exciting to tour the factory in Fort Payne, Alabama (which narrowly avoided the recent tornados) to see all the moulds and other processes being developed. We also had meetings in Chattanooga with Lindsay and the marketing group, and also met Cynthia Gentry from the Atlanta Taskforce for Play, who is very interested in all the possibilities for Snug.

We all visited an external courtyard of the local children's hospital, where Snug is used to great effect by the kids in recovery - we saw a lovely young boy who had just had his chemo playing with his younger brother.

We then all met up in Houston for the Children's Museums Conference. Tim & Hattie gave a presentation on Snug's genesis, which was very well received, and the stall was buzzing all day with very interested museum people - fingers crossed for some more sales!

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